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Volunteer Opportunities for Groups

We really appreciate your interest in organizing a volunteer group to get involved with Troup/Chambers/Randolph County  Habitat. It is easy to get started simply. review the two opportunities described below, and identify the one that is the best fit for your group.

1. Become a House Sponsor
Every house built by Troup/Chambers/Randolph County Habitat requires sponsorship support. House Sponsors provide the financial underwriting and volunteers for each house.House Sponsor opportunities range from $1,000 for a Team Build Project to $50,000 for a Full House Sponsorship. Larger group sizes (up to 35-40 volunteers per build day) and more frequent build dates (including the opportunity to start and complete an entire house) are available to House Sponsors.

2. Organize a Non-Sponsor Group
When House Sponsors are not able to provide all of the volunteers needed to complete a house, we supplement their numbers with smaller non-sponsor groups. We schedule non-sponsor groups as needed as this opportunity can be shared with as many different groups as possible.

The following information applies to both of these opportunities:

  • Troup/Chambers/Randolph County Habitat build sites are located the three counties in West Georgia and East Alabama
  • Volunteers receive direction and support from the local Habitat Affililate’s construction staff and Volunteer Skilled Supervisors
  • Troup/Chambers Randolph/County  provides all of the tools and materials needed for a build
  • Due to insurance liability, volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Volunteers must sign a Release and Waiver of Liability form before working on a build site
  • Volunteer groups are expected to either provide or help cover the cost of lunches
  • Prior construction experience is not necessary to volunteer on a build
  • All sponsors receive website and collateral print material recognition.

Find out how your group can become a Troup/Chambers/Randolph County Habitat House Sponsor or to organize a Non-Sponsor Group,  please contact  the Executive Director Steven Brown at

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